Vicki Sharp Studio 

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Encaustic & Cold Wax and Oil Painting

Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars and paintings are available for pickup.  Please contact me if there is something you would like shipped.  You may also visit my studio if you wish to view paintings in person.

Title:  Winter’s Coming
Size:  24″ x 36″
Medium:  Encaustic

Cold Wax & Oil
6″ x 8″

Looking for Home
Cold Wax & Oil
24″ x 36″

Title: Moving On
Medium: Encaustic
Size: 17″x 32″

Title: The Neighbourhood
Medium:  Encaustic
Size:  14″Wx48″L
Price: $650.00

Title: Poppies
Medium:  Encaustic
Size:  23.5″Wx43.5″L
Price: $850.00

Title: Field House
Medium:  Encaustic
Size:  18″Wx36″L
Price: $595.00

Title: Friends of a Feather
Medium:  Encaustic
Size:  15.5″Wx17.5″L
Price: $325.00

Title: Shelter  
Refuge  SOLD
Medium:  Encaustic & Copper
Size:  8″x10″
Price: $275.00 each

Running Fence
Medium: Encaustic
Size: 14″ x 48″
Price: $650